Below are the terms and conditions for using the Van Man service

Any bookings shall be covered by these terms and conditions.

Please read through this document prior to booking -

Terms and conditions


Here at Van Man we aim to offer a friendly and flexible service. We do however have this set or terms and conditions in place.

By making a booking with Van Man you are agreeing to the following–


•The details in the above booking form make up the basis of the quote

• If you have any additional items please inform us immediately

• Remote quotes are based on the details provided by the customer. Any additional items to be moved are at the driver’s discretion and will subject to charges.

• Quotes after a house visit are based on the detail we took on that visit and will exclude any items that the customer informed were not bing moved.

• Any un described access or parking issues are also open to additional charges.

• If We have not visited the property then we ask for an estimate of boxes and bags – a discretion of 10% will apply to these items. Any amount over this will incur an additional charge or a minimum of 1 hours labour. Bookings

• Customers may book our services via email or phone. We will require full addresses and contact details to reserve a time and date.

• Provisional bookings may be accepted but will only be held on our good will. Should a confirmed booking be requested by another customer then this may be accepted

• We will request a deposit for your booking and this will be required in cleared funds to confirm your booking


• You will be required to provide details of the parking situation at all locations

• Please take into account the size of the vehicle you will be booking and make us aware of all access issues including height, width and weight limits around your property

• Any delays or charges incurred due to un described parking regulations or restrictions will be chargeable to the customer.

• Parking will be required on the same side of the road as the property. If this is not the case then we need to be informed. Any unexpected loading and unloading that requires crossing roads will be based on the discretion of the driver and must comply with our health and safety policy.


• Any problems with access to properties shall be described prior to a quote being provided

• Any delays caused by un described access issues may be chargeable White Goods and built in Appliances • All white goods shall be disconnected from water and electric/gas supply prior to our arrival

• Fridges and freezers shall be defrosted and emptied

• Built in appliances must be unscrewed and disconnected

• Items must be in a clean condition Furniture access issues

• If items of furniture have been built in situ then it will be expected unless otherwise discussed that these items will be dismantled prior to our arrival

• If any doors or windows etc need removing then this shall be done prior to our arrival

• Unless otherwise agreed items will be removed from chests of draws, wardrobes, cabinets, filing cabinets etc unless otherwise stated.

• Any items that require dismantling will be done so at the drivers discretion and will be chargeable - we take no resposbility for damage to furnitre that we reassemble 

• If we do not have the correct tools for dismantling it shall be the customers responsibility to supply them

• Unless previously agreed prices will be based upon there being direct access to all items that require moving. Should it be necessary to move other items to gain access the this will incur extra charges

Arrival times

• We shall confirm booking date and times when the booking is placed

• We will make all efforts to arrive with you on time.

• We cannot be held liable for any delays caused by traffic or weather conditions

• If booking a slot after we will have completed another job your will be provided with an estimated arrival time. We will endeavour to meet this timing but should we be delayed we will call with an updated arrival time. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by previous jobs.


• The vehicles we use all have specific weight limits. It is extremely important that you provide us with an accurate inventory of what you require moving so we can calculate the weights. • Any additional items will be loaded at the driver’s discretion.

• We require no boxes to weigh any more that 25kg if you have booked 2 men and 15kg if booking one man

Waiting time – removals –

• We will aim to have your move packed up by 12.30 unless we are told otherwise • From 13.00 we will start charging waiting time

• You can purchase a waiting time waiver from us at the time of booking. This would cover waiting time up until 16.30. Please call for relevant price. This does not cover any other chargers that may arise from a long delay and does not cover accommodation and / or storage fees that may be incurred.

• If this is option is not taken then the below T&Cs will be in place Waiting time – General jobs • Unless you have explained any delays when requesting a quote there will be no allowance for waiting times at any of the properties.

• By waiting time we mean time spent where loading or unloading cannot take place.

• We may allow 15minutes good will throughout a job but any time after that will be charged at £20 per hour per man. + VAT

• Please let us know of any possible delays when requesting a quote and we can build this into the quote • Unless you book for a time period eg ½ day then you are booking to move the listed items and nothing more. Any extras will be chargeable or if time does not permit then refused

• Waiting time will include time waiting for keys or money transfers when purchasing a property that causes a delay to our work


• We are unable due to health and safety risks to enter any lofts unless they are accessed through a fixed flight of stairs, are fully boarded and lit.

• Any basements will need to be fully lit and have clear and safe access

• All access will be at the drivers discretion

• It will be the customers responsibility to arrange suitable floor coverings especially important during jobs carried out in wet or muddy conditions Delays / traffic

• Any delays caused by unexpected traffic will not affect the quote supplied but we would expect understanding from the customer for any delay this may cause

• We will not be liable for any inconvenience caused due to delays by traffic or weather conditions


• We will make all efforts to get to you on time

• However we must take into account the safety of our staff and vehicles

• Adverse weather conditions including but not exclusively - snow, high winds, floods etc may cause delay or even postponement of your booking. We will keep in contact as soon as any of these events are expected but would also expect for the customer to provide information on any localised adverse weather conditions 


• We Will request a deposit for your booking

• Your deposit will secure your date and time

• Deposits are non refundable within 15 days of the date your job is booked for.

• Booking cancelled prior to 15 days will be refunded but there maybe be deductions for any banking or processing fees, These will be at the cost price Cancelations

• Any booking cancelled or postponed within 7 days of the booking date will be subject to cancelation fee equal to the full invoice value minus fuel costs


• Payment of the balance of the job will be due on the day of the move. This can be paid with cash or cheque

• You can pay for your move vis BACS but this must be done 7 days prior to the move. Or you can pay by debit/credit card 7 days prior to the move and with a 3% additional fee

Outdoor and garden furniture

• It will be assumed unless previously informed that all garden and out door furniture will be clean and dry.

• Any items that makes a mess or gets the vehicles wet may be open to a cleaning charge of £25]


• We have insurance in place to cover loss or damage to your goods caused by us.

• Most home insurance policies offer cover during transit and you must make your insurer aware of your move

• You must supply a valued inventory of goods to be moved and this must be signed by the customer

• What is not covered – food and drink, furs, jewellery, watches, precious metals, stones, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, money or securities, stamps, manuscripts and other documents

• We take no responsibility for customer packed items or contents of boxes packed by customers

• Loss or damage caused or arising from wear or tear, gradual deterioration , mildew, moth, vermin or any process of cleaning, repairing or restoring

• Mechanical and/or electrical derangement unless caused by external means

• Loss or damage occurring in premises where the goods are stored, warehouses or temporarily housed in the course of transit.

• Any damage should be reported to a member of Van Man staff within 48 hours of the move.

Assumptions Unless otherwise stated we will assume that-

All properties are houses and that they consist of a ground and first floor

The items you have provided in your inventory are full and final Parking is directly outside your property with good clear access for a large van

All items are ready to go on our arrival, including appliances un plugged and un wired

All boxes packed and tapped and all furniture disassembled into component parts that make its removal possible and safe.

All items are clean

There is no waiting time required

All small and loose items will be boxed up

Final responsibility ensuring that all items / correct items have been loaded lies with the customer or their representative. Once the vehicles have left the site any extra items that need moving or returning will constitute an additional job and will be billed accordingly

You have read our terms and conditions

By paying your deposit you agree to the above terms and conditions

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